Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Proton, The Happy Robot.

New strip every Thursday! Proton's adventure begins.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So much drawing.

I've been drawing cartoony things for so long I decided to draw something a little more realistic, so without further ado, here's a giant robot!

Large chunks of people (cough*onlinetransformersfans*cough) seem to be obsessed with lots of detail and "realism" as opposed to dynamic sharp angles and bold colors. The entire time I was drawing this I was like "you like detail!?!? I'll give you detail! You like detail?!! I'll give detail! You like detail?!?! Too bad, I'm just gonna punch you in the face! Oh, what? I don't know where you live?! Fine. HERE'S SOME DAMN DETAIL!"

Drawing is fun.

And I'm pleased with this drawing of Dropkick, but I don't think its nearly as fun as the Animated peices I've posted already.


On Dec. 26, the newest installment of transformers made its debut on Cartoon Network. Its taking our beloved robots in disguise to a level of entertainment (meaning its genuinely a good show, not some badly cgi animated, dubbed, forced anime nonsense) not reached since Beast Wars. Just thinking about it makes my pants tight.
The new show is done up in a post Bruce Timm style, which personally I'm very drawn too. (ooo, unitentional pun!) What you're about to see is what happens when my style and the new show's style make hott, sweaty love to each other for nights on end.




Dropkick annihilating the new cartoon Bumblebee.