Thursday, March 20, 2008


Not fully satisfied with this weeks page? Are you left wanting...more? GOOD! To satisfy your thirst for Proton goodness, and to help move the story along, you'll be getting a FULL page Saturday (Saturday's page begins with the panel I put out today), and ANOTHER full page Tuesday! That's right, before next Thursday's page, you'll be getting TWO additional doses of Proton! That's hot!

Its my gift to you; the guys and girls who've been checking out my shit each and every week. I sincerely appreciate it.

And on a closing note, have you been wondering what inspired the comic you've been reading? Look no further! Ok, look a little further, I need to show you the link!

They're an early 90's robot toyline called Z-BOTS from Galoob/Micro_Machines. They never had any stories attached to them beyond what was on their packaging, making them perfect for a nick leffler style overhaul.

From that site, here's Proton's base-

And here's Mike-

And with that, I'm out. Thanks again, everybody.

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