Sunday, March 23, 2008


And unless I'm attacked by a Hildabeast, another new one this TUESDAY! And then THURSDAY!

And in the world of robots, I've recently acquired four graphic novels from the British comic series 2000 A.D. Its the series Judge Dread hails from. Any who, these four books deal with robots and how they fit into that universe's society. I'm only a little ways into the first book and I'm pretty pleased.

The first two books are called Ro-Busters. In these; a former military bot and a sewer bot are sold as army surplus to a disaster squad called Ro-Busters. They like, save people from stuff.

The second set of books are called ABC Warriors, wherein the two main characters from Ro-Busters join/create some kind of battle force to fight...something. I'm not exactly sure what its about as I've done just enough research to get me pumped about reading them but not enough to spoil anything major. Trust me, when these books start tickling my fancy, YOU'LL here about it!

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